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We have over 400 nursing homes in Ireland on our database. These include both public and private retirement villages and convalescent homes. Over the next five years there will be a major increase in the amount of nursing homes being newly built in Ireland. This will have a positive impact on the reduction of nursing home costs and quality of service. Next month we are introducing a nursing home forum on the site where you can post your comments and ask questions related to the industry.

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Our website receives over 14000 hits per month from online customers looking for the best nursing homes Ireland. Over the next few months convalescent homes and retirement villages from across the country will be uploading their facility. This will enable you to make an informed decision on which is the best nursing home for your family member or friend. You can find over 400 HSE and Hiqa approved homes listed on the site which offers you you real choice. Nursing home owners have been allocated their own web page within the site which can update or edit using their own control panel. The cost to register your home is €495 per year..

The Big Knit 2012 The Big Knit 2012.
The Big Knit is back again this year and we hope to beat last year's fantastic success The target is 83,500 little hats!!! So get knitting ...we need all the needles kicking all around the country. If you have any old wool at home sitting in a press ...get it out and send it to us ...
Getting Started Getting Started.
This is a brilliant programme for people over the age of 55 to be trained on computers, the internet in general and even mobile phones. Age Action has now trained over 11,000 older people with the assistance of volunteers in 12 counties. Dont feel left out or excluded by new technology. Click on More if you would like further info
Google Silver Surfer Awards.
Celebrating Older People and Technology Age Action Ireland are looking for people over 50 who have a good story about how they use the internet and their computer. They must be enthusiastic about technology and have a sense of fun and adventure. Would you like to Nominate someone you know?
Limerick Abseil Limerick Abseil.
Irelands tallest Hotel, The Clarion in Limerick is 17 stories High !! Located on Steamboat Quay, and simply a fabulous piece of architecture. This was the setting for the recent abseiling event that was a massive success with Oldest Person ever to Abseil down a 200 Foot height.
HIQA Inspection Reports: Most websites relating to this industry only have basic information on certain nursing homes. This is of no real value to families and friends looking for quality senior care information for their elderly loved ones. Over the forthcoming months we will be uploading all HSE inspection reports for you to view on every nursing home in Ireland. This will be an ideal opportunity for you to see the generally high standards of our health care system for the elderly.
Nursing Home Forum: You will be able to read all the latest news from the HSE on topics like nursing home subvention costs and laws regarding goverment budget decisions. When you register you will have the facility to view comments on our discussion board and post questions on certain subjects.
Google Map Finder: You can now view our easy to use map finder to enable you to locate any nursing in Ireland within a click of a button. This is especially useful with nursing homes in Rural parts of the country.
Nursing Home Photos: There is nothing worse than traveling to any established and then being disappointed with the general standards of a retirement home or nursing care facility. We have just completed our easy to use registration form where nursing homes can upload all their details including photos of their facilities with two minutes.
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